Advertise with is of the most visible website on Murree and the Galliate Region. Whether you are an hotelier, supplier, tourist operator, property developer, property dealer, an advertisement at will provide your business access and visibility around the world. Advertisement at other media, an advertisement at is cheaper, long lasting, wider access and gas more impact. It allows your advertisement to enjoy more space and content.
350*500 Banner
  • A 350*500 Banner will cost Pakistani Rupees 10,000 [Ten Thousand] per month for clients within Pakistan.
  • For those from outside Pakistan, both of Pakistani origin and otherwise, the rate is US$ 120 [One hundred and Twenty only].
  • It is available for a minimum agreement of three months starting from the date on which the advertisement is launched.
  • There will be twenty percent discount in case of an agreement for six months or more.
  • There will be a further twenty percent premium for for an advertisement at any page other than one dedicated for hotels.
350*800 Banner
  • A few places for 350*800 horizontal or vertical banners will be at 180% rate of the above rate.
Special Services
  • For those businesses which do not have websites of their own, also provides link pages providing details of the business.
  • The cost for the link pages is the same as that of 350*350 Banner.
  • Such pages can either be html or jpeg.
  • Rates for video pages can be discussed separately.
Classified Ads Rates
  • is launching a special page for classified advertisement consisting of small ad units
  • An ad of 50 alphanumeric characters will be charged PkRs. 500 or US$5 for a duration of two weeks.
For details please write
or call 92-(0)300-5137192